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Hungani Ndlovu

Exco Member
  • Johannesburg
Hungani Ndlovu

Hungani is a trained actor, dancer and presenter. He founded an artist development studio based in Parkhurst, JHB, called SANS Group. SANS stands for Strong Attitudes Nurture Success. They teach acting, dancing, showbiz, and run an agency to represent inexperienced actors in order to provide them with a chance at entering into the entertainment industry. Hungani is one of four directors at Matrixmen which is a NPO that supports male victims of abuse. He is also the co-founder of The Ndlovu Foundation which is an NPO that focuses on youth empowerment and helping people find their life's purpose.
He started dancing at a very young age and only in April 2011 was he totally convinced that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He spent 3 years in the United States of America mainly in LA and NYC, studying and working. He’s a graduate in Acting for Film which he obtained in LA. He was a student at Flii'Cademy (which is run by FliiStylz, one of Chris Brown's choreographers) and attended classes from world renowned choreographers including Ian Eastwood, WillDaBeast Adams, Parris Goebel and Nick DeMoura just to name a few.

His first lead role was in Memoir Of An Honest Voice which went on to be nominated for Best Short Film at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2015. He played lead in Black Coffee's - Wish You Were Here music video and is currently on Etv-Scandal! as the mischievous ‘Romeo Medupe’.

He believes it is important to work hard and smart regardless of how talented you are because with talent alone you won't reach your full potential. His dream is to be instrumental in the improvement and success of South Africa’s entertainment industry.

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