• SAGA is drawing attention to an industry in crisis, with 78% of women working in film and TV saying they are discriminated against because of their gender.

  • Amongst us, our organisations represent over half a million South Africans. In South Africa the law has not protected our interests. We work in industries where many of us are systematically disempowered. We are working under apartheid-era legislation which favours historical and international monopolies which have control of money and power. This power imbalance must end now.

  • The Copyright Amendment Bill and the Performers Protection Amendment Bill ensure that actors will never again be forced to sign away all their rights.  But international and local media organizatio

Now in its 10th year, the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) is a powerful, unified voice for actors in the film, television, stage, commercial and corporate sectors in South Africa.

Why join SAGA?

The only way to create an improved working environment in the entertainment industry is to stand together and act with a common purpose. By joining SAGA, you become part of a force that aims to right current wrongs and influence legislation to create fair and equitable working conditions. SAGA gives you a legal voice – join and use your voice!


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Provisional Speaker: Anel Alexander

SAGA is drawing attention to an industry in crisis, with 78% of women working in film and TV sayi

South Africa and other countries are currently considering proposals to convert from a “fair dealing” to a “fair use” user rights system. Some critics of the change fill their arguments with hyperbole without describing the facts about what is really at stake.

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The Professional Actor

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