Summary: Performers Protection Amendment Bill 2016

Through various channels, SAGA has been lobbying government and the DTI to effect changes to the existing Performers Protection Act which dates back to 1967 and which fails to protect the rights of actors in today’s environment. On 5th July 2016, Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies published... more

So, what’s your real job?

When the long-running soap-opera ‘Generations’ went off air, the 16 actors at the centre of the storm filed papers with the CCMA, challenging their dismissal. The first question the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration had to answer is whether or not it has jurisdiction at all in... more

With your support & active membership, the South African Guild of Actors can enhance working conditions, compensation and benefits, and be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of actors rights

  • Working together to enhance actors' working conditions, compensation & benefits
  • Representing actors in the film, television, stage, commercial and corporate sectors of South Africa. We're a powerful, unified voice for actors' rights
  • SAGA is a member of Actors' Guilds and Unions from 68 countries including SAG-AFTRA (USA), ACTRA (Canada) and British Equity.
  • SAGA is a member of the International Actors Federation (FIA)

SAGA Governance

SAGA has been incorporated as a Section 21 Company, and is registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation (NPO). The decision to incorporate in this manner was a strategic one which ensures that all of the funds collected are used for the Guild's primary aim of furthering the interests of actors, thereby serving the public purpose of promoting the arts.

The legislation and regulations governing both Section 21 Companies and non-profit organisations ensure that the Board will always remain accountable to the members of the Guild:

  • An annual audit ensures transparency and accountability to members regarding how their fees are allocated and how the organisation is run
  • In addition, a Section 21 Company may not pay dividends, while a Non-Profit Organisation is prohibited from making any payments to its members other than for specific services that may be rendered to the organisation

Apart from helping to ensuring clean corporate governance, registration as an NPO has further benefits:

  • Accountability to a public office improves the credibility of the sector
  • The organisation has been brought into a formal system
  • The Guild is better positioned to assist the industry in becoming organised
  • Improved access to possible tax incentives and funding opportunities

SAGA's legal status ensures that all income generated through fund-raising initiatives, grants, donations and members' dues are applied towards improving the industry, the working environment and ultimately the lives of actors.

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